Decluttering Is A Luxury Some People Don’t Have

The new Netflix show, Tidying Up has everyone talking, but the one group who doesn’t understand Marie Kondo’s method of purging things that “doesn’t bring joy,” are poor people.



An Instagram post about “decluttering being a luxury” is resonating with people who have watched the show but simply can’t afford to implement the concept into their lives.



According to @Ghostwoods “decluttering is a very middle-class luxury” he goes on to say that if he throws something away because it doesn’t bring him joy, he’ll probably need that same item next month.


Also if something breaks, he may not be able to replace it. Furthermore decluttering may not bring a person who is living paycheck to paycheck peace of mind, as poorer people keep things out of necessity.

Do you think of Kondo’s decluttering method as a luxury?

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