Dolly is Coming to Your TV Screen

The new NBC TV Movie, “Coat of Many Colors” a story about Dolly Parton is set to air Dec. 10th. The Film is based on her 1971 Hit of the same title.

“It really kind of evolves and details a lot of my whole life in bits and pieces. And it really shows family,” Parton told The Boot and other reporters at a media event. “I don’t know if people, besides me, miss having shows like Little House on the Prairie or The Waltons, but it’s kind of like that. It just shows the simple life of back then, back when.

“[It’s] a show about people who made me who and what I am,” she continues. “It shows that I love music, and I love my folks … It’s really got a lot of great elements.” -Dolly

and good news! This won’t be the only Dolly film, they are already working on “Jolene” based on the song.  John Sacret Young, who worked on The West Wing, is writing the script.

Coat of Many Colors stars Jennifer Nettles, Gerald McRaney and Ricky Schroder, as well as Alyvia Lind as young Parton. The film is set to air on Dec. 10 at 9PM ET on NBC.

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