Help Save Nana!

Save Nana! There’s no population more at risk in this heat wave than the elderly. The elderly tend to be on a fixed income, with no extra money for air conditioning or swamp coolers. Plus, these folks are more likely to be bedridden or to stay at home. Imagine enduring these 100+ temperatures with a fragile body like your sweet Nana’s? There’s already reports of several heat-related deaths country-wide this summer.

Unfortunately, many elderly folks along the Wasatch Front may not have family to swoop in and rescue them. The Salt Lake County Division of Aging Services is here to help: by going into their homes and accessing needs. However, the demand’s been so high this summer that the Division doesn’t have any more box fans for their elderly clientele.

That’s why The Eagle will be out Thursday morning starting at 6am at Lowe’son 1300 South and 300 West in SLC. We’ll be there from 6am to 1pm, please drop by anytime with your donation of a new fan or purchase one there for a low price! (Editor’s note: we can only take new fan donations to make sure there’s no liability from frayed cords, etc.) Stop by and grab a snow-cone, make a donation and save a life! If you can’t make it, you can either drop off your fan donation at the SL Division of Aging Services here or make a financial online donation to help the elderly here.

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