I Usually Don’t Post Or Comment About Such Things

As many of you know for the past several years I have done in house music at sporting events.  Ten seasons for the Utah jazz and for the past Four seasons for the Utah Grizzlies.

Also with our sound company we have done sound at many concerts and city celebrations.  Again I have never publicly commented on what i’m about to comment in my life and I have witnessed hundreds at the Jazz games, Utah Grizzlies Hockey, RMPRA Rodeo events, I have even handed the microphone to a famous singer or two to perform it as well.  On Monday afternoon during the annual Martin Luther King hockey game at the Maverik Center everything started normal.  We were asked by PA announcer Chris Hagen to please stand for our National Anthem.  As normal I stood facing the flag and as the Choir started to sing I was totally taken back by how incredibly beautiful it sounded like I never heard it before.  The rest of the time was spent watching them with tears in my eyes.  I tried to ask but was to choked up to get the words out who was that.  Finally in a choked up voice I said will someone please tell them great job.  Chris Hagen said I will right now.  After the puck dropped and I regained my composer I asked who was that and Chris answered Roy High Chamber Choir.  WOW  High School Students.  Again I never comment on things like this and I have witnessed some incredible performances of our national anthem but for some reason and maybe it was just me but it was almost unexplainable but brilliant.

Thank You Roy High School and your Chamber Choir.

Tracy Chapman

101.5 / 105.5 the Eagle Night time Guy and Mr. Music Utah Grizzlies Hockey

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