Is Steven Tyler Talking Smack On The Reboot of American Idol?

It almost seems like a backhanded compliment. Yes, your shirt looks great Molly BUT It would look better on me type of scenario.

Steven Tyler tells Entertainment Tonight that he has watched the new American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. “I love them in their own way. It is just that there’s a certain magic between someone that goes, ‘Yo, shut up.’ Like, I would tell Randy, ‘What are you talking about?’ J.Lo, it was just a little different, and I don’t see interplay between them now. And I remember going to malls in the Midwest when I’m on tour there … My security guy and I would go to malls and these women would come up and go, ‘Do you know that I wake the kids up when you come on so they can see J.Lo and Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson because we loved the way you played with each other?'”


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