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Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning Playfully Tease Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Absence as CMA Hosts

Returning as hosts for the 57th Annual CMA Awards, Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning wasted no time injecting humor into the Nashville night. The comedic duo kicked off their opening monologue with a playful reference to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s rumored romance, quipping, “Yup, Travis and Taylor weren’t available.”

Amidst jokes about Jelly Roll’s face tattoos and Manning’s athletic family, the hosts light-heartedly acknowledged the absence of Swift and Kelce, adding a touch of wit to the evening. The reference also took a cheeky dig at Swift’s ability to “sell out a stadium,” a nod to her monumental success in the music industry.

Bryan and Manning’s banter set the tone for an entertaining night, blending humor with the celebration of country music’s finest. The CMA Awards audience was treated not only to stellar performances and well-deserved accolades but also to the hosts’ delightful comedic interludes.

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