Luke Bryan Discusses How He Feels About AI Version Of His Music

“The problem with me is I’m scared it may actually be better than the stuff I’ve written.”

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Country music superstar, Luke Bryan, recently shared his thoughts on an AI-generated version of his music. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the chart-topping artist admitted he was apprehensive about the AI version of his music, stating, “The problem with me is I’m scared it may actually be better than the stuff I’ve written.”

As he nervously chuckled, Bryan listened to the AI version of his music, commenting, “This’ll be interesting. Guarantee you a beer’ll be in there.” However, after listening to the AI version, the singer seemed relieved and joked, “I think I’m okay for now on the AI. The problem is, if I really sound like that, yeah, 31 [chart-topping hits] will not happen.”

Should Artists Use AI to Create Songs?

This isn’t the first time an artist has encountered AI-generated versions of their music. In fact, AI technology has been utilized by musicians and record labels to create new and innovative sounds, sometimes blending the work of multiple artists or even creating entirely new compositions.

While some artists may have reservations about AI-generated music, others view it as an exciting opportunity for creativity and experimentation. The use of AI in the music industry has opened up new possibilities for sound engineering, composition, and even live performances.

As the world of technology continues to advance and change, it remains to be seen how AI-generated music will impact the music industry and the work of artists like Luke Bryan. However, for now, it seems that Bryan is content to stick to his own sound and leave the AI experimentation to others.

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