Luke Bryan: Tragedy to Triumph

Luke Bryan is known for multiple Country hits including “Play it Again,” “Drunk on You,” “Crash my Party,” “Kick the Dust up,” and “Strip it Down.” There is no doubt that he is an incredibly talented man, not just when it comes to music but hip shaking as well. If you have not seen Luke’s dancing skills, you truly are missing out. (I suggest you pause your reading right away and check out that link below!)

Due to this hit-making, hip shaking major success, he and his family definitely have their perks. However, he did not get to the top without his share of troubles and tragedies. In 1996 his older brother, Chris was killed in an unfortunate car accident. This caused Luke to take a step back and put his career goals on hold. He worked for the family business for a few years before finally deciding to move to Nashville in 2001. There he was offered a record deal and a publishing deal and he started his first album “I’ll Stay Me.” It was then that another tragedy hit when his sister, Kelly suddenly passed away when she home with her young son. She was 39 at the time, and they still do not have a specific cause of death.

Just when you thought the Bryan family has had enough tragedy, Luke’s late sister’s husband died suddenly from a heart attack in 2014. The loss prompted  him to cancel a major appearance at the CMT Artist of the Year show. Shortly after, Luke Bryan and his wife Carolyn revealed that they had taken the late couple’s 13-year-old son, Luke’s nephew, into their home. Bryan told Billboard, “You don’t want to sound like you love having them so much that you’re glad it’s the situation, but we’re honored to be doing what we feel was the right thing.”

Even throughout everything Luke Bryan has been through, he still maintains his faith and positivity. “Your faith has to get you through all that. That’s not saying you don’t question it. But you just have to revert back to your faith in God’s plan, that you’ll be able together again and that’s what you have to go on,” Luke told PEOPLE Country. He also told ABC News “We feel like if we just stay positive through this, maybe we’ll be a positive inspiration for people that had these things happen to ’em… You just have to plow on and play the hand that’s dealt.” His songs are incredible, his hip-shaking is mesmerizing, and his faith, positivity, and strength truly make Luke Bryan a country star that shines above the rest.

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