Meet The Most Expensive Mule Deer In History



mule deer

(photo credit: James Marvin Phelps) (cover photo credit: Len Blumin)

Meet Steve, the most expensive mule deer in history.

Well, Steve is our representative deer because we don’t know which unlucky buck won’t be able to outrun the rifle of Dennis Austad, the Idaho hunter who bid a galactic $305,000 for a kill tag on a mule deer on Antelope Island.

antelope island

(photo credit: Matthew Peoples)

Antelope Island, you know the square of dirt I’m talking about, in the middle of the Great Salt Lake? No chance of missing a deer because…well…it’s an island. A teeny, tiny one. So, here’s my plan: I’d like to offer myself as an assistant. For $305,000, I will HAPPILY volunteer to hold poor Steve for the shot. I’d hang out with Steve for a while, give him a nice meal, maybe a relaxing hoof massage before the big moment. Heck, Austad could even miss and wing me a couple of times before finishing poor ol’ Steve off. For $305,000?

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