Monroe Got Her Eyelashes Done

I have been considering getting my lashes done FOREVER!  I just wasn’t sure how it was going to look, or if it would make that much of a difference for me.

Finally, I went in to Kim at Candee Lash and OMG, I am in no make-up heaven!!

First off, the process is magical!  I am a working mom of 2 young kids and my schedule is go-go-go-go.  Getting the chance to lay back in a comfy chair and quiet atmosphere with my eyes closed for more than 30 minutes hasn’t happened in what seems like a decade.

So after this blissful moment of tranquility, I got to see the final product.  I don’t know how you look without make-up, but I am somewhere on this scale…

BUT with my new lashes, I can literally run out of the house without make-up and not scare small children!  I never thought I would be able to do that!  AND, I don’t have to wear a ton of eyeliner anymore!!  Woot-woot!  Check out the pics!



Candee Lash

785 E 200 S #6B, Lehi, UT 84043

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