Road Closures


Due to the filming of a pilot episode for a national broadcast TV station the following roads and parking locations will be closed for the next two days.


Businesses will remain open!

Friday 3/20/15

Road Closure – 6am to midnight – 100 Block of 25th Street / NO PARKING entire block

No parking (some spots) – Thursday 8pm through Friday 4pm – area of 24th & Grant Ave

No parking – Thurs 8pm to Friday 12am – West side / 2400 & 2500 blocks of Lincoln Ave

No parking – 2am to 2pm – Craft Burger lot (24th & Grant)

Saturday 3/21/15

No parking – 1am to 6pm – South side, lower 100 block of 25th Street

Parts of 25th Street and Wall will also be closed intermittently which will be controlled by Ogden Police

—  at Historic 25th Street – Ogden, Utah

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