Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo Pauses the Care of Elephants

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City has recently revealed its decision to pause elephant care and transfer its two elephants, Christie and Zuri, to another accredited zoo according to Fox 13 News. The aim is to increase the likelihood of the elephants having a calf by placing them in a multigenerational herd, which is vital to their social dynamic.

While a timeline for the move has not been finalized, it is expected to be coordinated with the AZA African Elephant Species Survival Plan. The zoo has been caring for elephants for more than a century and understands that visitors enjoy observing these magnificent animals.

The decision to pause elephant care at Hogle Zoo highlights the importance of preserving the social and reproductive needs of these majestic creatures. With this move, the zoo hopes to ensure the best possible outcomes for the elephants’ long-term health and happiness.

According to officials, Christie and Zuri will be relocated to a facility that is better equipped to provide a multigenerational herd environment. This is crucial for elephant welfare and is essential to support the animals’ natural behavior and social interaction.

Overall, Hogle Zoo’s decision to relocate its two elephants underscores the zoo’s commitment to conservation and animal welfare. While visitors may miss watching these impressive animals, the move is aimed at enhancing the elephants’ quality of life, and hopefully, their chances of reproducing in a healthy and natural setting.

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