Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Have you ever been so frustrated at a waiter that you actually wanted to toss them?Six pack of beer — Stock Photo

That was the exact feeling a 33-year-old guy named Anthony Williams got at a nice Italian restaurant in New York City earlier this month when he tried to order a Miller Lite and the restaurant only serves fancier beers than that, so they didn’t have one for him.

When they didn’t have the beer he wanted, that made him SO angry that he grabbed his 54-year-old waiter and THREW HIM over a table.  Then he took off.

The cops did eventually find him…right after he’d stopped at a store to buy some beer, that we can only assume was Miller Lite.

Anthony tried to fight the cops off by swinging his bag of beer at them, but it didn’t work, and he was arrested for assault, harassment, and criminal mischief.

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