Stupid Is, Stupid Does


How far would you go to make money in the stock market?

Well that is exactly what a 49-year-old guy in Ocala, Florida named Mark Barnett recently figured. Unfortunately it involved him becoming a TERRORIST.

So what was his plan exactly? He planned to plant a bunch of small explosives in Target stores in New York, Florida, and Virginia by hiding them in empty boxes, and putting them on shelves. He then planned to detonate them.

How does this help him? Well, his plan was very long term. He assumed Target’s stock price would start plummeting from all the bad press.  Then he’d buy a bunch of stock, wait for the price to go back up and sell it for a high profit.

The whole thing actually came close to happening.  He built 10 bombs, stuck them in empty boxes of pasta and stuffing mix, and hired a guy to put them in 10 different stores.

Thankfully the guy he hired went to the cops last Monday and turned him in.  According to the cops, each bomb was big enough to cause serious injuries, or even KILL someone if they were standing close enough.

He’s now facing up to ten years in federal prison.

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