Stupid Is, Stupid Does

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Here’s more proof that literally the WORST thing you can say to calm someone down during an argument is “calm down.”

Police in Texas were called at around 2:00 a.m. to a taco truck over the weekend when they received a report of shots being fired. When the officers arrived, they learned that a woman shot a man during an argument over the temperature of her tacos. The woman and her boyfriend bought the tacos at a food truck in Houston. When the woman received her food she was upset because she didn’t feel the food was hot enough, she then asked the taco truck employee to reheat it and they refused. She then became furious and began arguing with the employee and when her boyfriend kindly asked her to calm down, she then pulled out a gun. Somehow during the incident, the woman shot her boyfriend. Officers said that there are no surveillance videos in the area so it is unclear if the woman shot him intentionally or if the gun accidentally went off. The details of the incident are still unknown, however police are continuing their investigation. He was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive and the woman was arrested.

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