This Day In Country Music History 3/1/2018

Welcome to the First day of March 2018

IT’S | NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER LOVER’S DAY | NATIONAL MINNESOTA DAY | NATIONAL PIG DAY | NATIONAL DADGUM THAT’S GOOD DAY | NATIONAL FRUIT COMPOTE DAY | NATIONAL HORSE PROTECTION DAY. (more information available at national day)and Big Band leader Glen Miller was born on this day in 1904.  He died December 15 1944 in a plane missing over the English Channel at the age of 40.

Here are Five Random Facts For Your Thursday

1.  The Disney/Pixar movie “The Incredibles” seems futuristic, but it’s set in 1962.

2.  Up until 2016, New Mexico had a law that banned “idiots” from voting.  The law was from 1910, when the word “idiot” described a person with an IQ below 30.

3.  The first African city to have its own version of Monopoly is . . . Lagos, Nigeria.

4.  The largest Japanese population outside of Japan is in Brazil.  There are at least 1.5 million Japanese people in Brazil . . . the first Japanese people moved there in the early 1900s for work and future generations have stayed.

5.  Scratching makes you itch worse because it causes your brain to release serotonin, which increases the sensations all over your body . . . including the sensation of the itch.\

It Happened On This Day In Country Music History

1949 Hank Williams records “Mind Your Own Business,” “Honky Tonk Blues,” “You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)” and “Lost Highway” at Nashville’s Castle Recording Studio.

1968 Johnny Cash marries June Carter at the Methodist Church in Franklin, Kentucky. Prior to the wedding Carlene Carter’s was earning $1-a-week allowance, mowing the lawn, it rises to $10-a-week.

1980 Waylon Jennings reaches the top of the Billboard country chart with “I Ain’t Living Long Like This”

2005 Alan Jackson’s collaboration with Jimmy Buffett,“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” is certified gold.

2014 Cole Swindell reaches #1 on the Billboard country singles chart for the first time with his debut single, “Chillin’ It”

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