This Day In Country Music History 3/5/18

Welcome To The Fifth Day Of March


A Few Random Facts For Your Monday

1.  The animals responsible for the most deaths in the U.S. are farm animals . . . bees and wasps . . . and dogs.

2.  The top toys today have more computer power than the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

3.  There’s no expiration date on honey . . . it’s the only food that can actually last forever.

4.  Within two-and-a-half years of a Walmart being built, the houses within a mile of the store go up in value 1% to 3%.

5.  Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” is only called Waldo in the American versions of the book.  In most other countries he’s called either Wally or Willy.

It happened On This day In Country Music History

1963  Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copus and Hawkshaw Hawkins were all killed when the plane they were travelling in flew into severe weather and crashed in a forest near Camden, Tennessee, 90 miles from the destination. Known best for her 1962 hit “Crazy” which topped the European charts but only reached #2 in the US.

1980 The film Coal Miner’s Daughter debuted in Nashville, and soon became the #1 box office hit in the United States. The film starred Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn and Tommy Lee Jones as her husband Mooney Lynn. The film received seven Academy Award nominations, winning a Best Actress Oscar for Spacek. (watch movie trailer)

1983 CMT was launched at 6:19 PM CST. Originally called CMTV but always “Country Music Television.” (The “V” was dropped in response to a complaint by competitor MTV), CMT beat its chief competitor, The Nashville Network (TNN), on the air by two days. CMT was positioned to play country music videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while TNN was geared toward programming lending itself to a “country lifestyle”. The very first video clip to air on CMT was a performance clip of country music legend Faron Young’s classic 1971 hit, “It’s Four in the Morning”.

2009 Taylor Swift made her primetime television TV acting debut, in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Haley Jones. Unfortunately, the singer was stabbed in the heart with a pair of scissors. Over 20 million viewers watched the episode. (watch clip here)



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