Tonights Flyin or Dyin Bret Eldredge “Drunk On Your Love”

Tonights Flyin or Dyin Bret Eldredge “Drunk On Your Love” Leave your comments here or call Tracy Chapman beginning at 7pm at 866-551-1015. Is it Flyin or Dyin??

Brett Eldredge has released a new song called ‘Drunk On Your Love’, which is the second single off his newest album Illinois. It’s a sitting-and-sipping on the porch type of love song that the country written by Bret. In fact, Eldredge co-wrote every single song off Illinois.
“Drunk on Your Love” takes a page out of the Max Martin-Taylor Swift music book in terms of meter, albeit with a decidedly traditional country bent. Whether or not Eldredge found his musical inspiration from Swift, he certainly learned something about content from her.


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