Trevor Noah Talks About Hosting The Grammys For A Third Year

Trevor Noah | Shutterstock

Trevor Noah recently commented on MCing The Grammys again and what people can expect from the award show. Trevor said, “I’m really grateful to be doing this for a third time. You don’t expect to do the Grammys once, and you don’t expect for them to call you back twice.”

He continued, “So the third time is, hopefully, as charming as it was the first and second times.” He added, “Every year has been different for different reasons. Obviously, the first time was a show designed specifically for a pandemic, and then, the second year was everyone recovering from a pandemic. So it feels like this year’s going to be a huge celebration.”

Noah went on, “I’m going, to be honest. I cheat, really. I’m a fan who just comes to watch the show with everyone else. So I guess, technically, I’m a host, but I’m just there to see everybody in person.” Which artists do you think should win a Grammy this year?

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