Watch Pilot Nail Spectacular Rescue by Landing Rear of Helicopter on Mountain Peak

A group of rescuers pulled off a daring operation earlier this month.

A 27-year-old man climbed to the summit of Mt. Hood in Oregon where he planned to commit suicide. After making it to the top of the mountain, however, the climber changed his mind.  The man could not get down on his own and called for help.  That’s when the 304th rescue squadron from the Oregon Army National Guard arrived by helicopter.

The conditions were extremely dangerous; Warm weather was causing avalanches, and rocks and ice to fall.

The pilot, determined to rescue the man, managed to pull off a “pinnacle landing” at 11,000 feet!  A pinnacle landing means they parked the rear two wheels of the Chinook helicopter on the mountainside so the rescuers could board the aircraft by plank.

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