Win Toby Keith Tickets!


Win tickets to see Toby Keith and Chris Janson at USANA on July 25th!

We’ve got your tickets all week with The Eagle’s Power Hours. Listen for your Toby cue-to-call every weekday between: 7a-8a, 9a-10a, 12p-1p, 3p-4p and 5p-6p. When you hear the cue, be caller ten to win. It’s that easy. For dropping by this webpage we giving you an extra chance to win tickets below.

To help you out even more, Eagle is telling you the cue-to-call times!

  • FRIDAY, JULY 17TH 7:22am 9:08am 12:38pm 3:17pm 5:44pm
  • MONDAY, JULY 20TH 7: 38am 9:18am 12:03pm 3:28pm 5:12pm
  • TUESDAY, JULY 21ST 7:56am 9:03am 12:08pm 3:33pm 5:27pm
  • WEDNESDAY, JULY 22ND 7: 29am 9:35am 12:03pm 3:17pm 5:22pm
  • THURSDAY, JULY 23RD 7:36am 9:19:am 12:44pm 3:03pm 5:30pm

Ready for your extra chance to win tickets?


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